The electricity is a fundamental need of people. Human life has become easier with the most versatile invention of electricity. Indeed, electricity has brought extreme feasibility and comfort in our life, yet this viability and comfort are not devoid of any peril. Life has become vulnerable to the uncertainty prevailing. at each moment due to consistent contact of people with electricity. It has a great probability to risk the usual life of an individual since it has the potential to catch fire. In today’s modern world, there is hardly any sector where electricity is not in use. Whereas, houses are rarely protected with electricity risk. Every house is sufficiently filled with electrical appliances and thus are more exposed to risk. Any error while working with an electrical instrument can cause severe effects. Electric spark, short circuit, heating burning etc. are those general hazards which are usually encountered in daily life.
It is prerequisite to inform that there are different natures of electric risk at the home. The first type is electrocution, which is particularly caused by the direct contact of a person with an electrical current. Second is an electric shock, which means contact with a minor range of electricity which ultimately becomes a cause of trivial injury. Last is burn, which can be caused by different reasons such as the degree of burning relies on the amount of contact and range of fire. On an average range, the total number of people injured due to the misshaping cause by electricity is 1,065 in Australia between mid-2014 to mid-2016 and among about 55 people faced death by the electrocution. Following are certain very common causes of the Electricity hazardous incidents usually occurs in homes.
I. Habit of Unplugging
The recklessness is said to be a contributor to daily life hitches. People usually forget or sometimes don’t bother to unplug the appliance after the use. The disproportionate usage, unplugging and keeping the switches on for long span, start heating and smoldering in plugs. There is also a threat of fire to be caught by heating. To avoid any short circuit the installation of the GCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter device can be useful.
II. Faulty Wiring
You may have found a number of reports mentioning death caused by the fire in the wire. The trouble can be triggered in wirings that have been installed for a long time. Such old and unreliable wiring is a reason for the majority of the electrical issues. The disturbance in the flow of electricity, short circuit or another malfunctioning in old wires led to igniting the fire. Such an incident can bring disastrous effects. The troublesome matter is that faulty wirings are not easily detective.

III. Excessive plugin to the Power Strips
A power strip is an electrical device comprising a number of sockets. It has the capacity to accommodate a number of wires in sockets where the electricity is supplied to each wire attached in it. The overloaded or excessive plugging into the power strip can cause burning which ultimately caught fire. The power strip sometimes does not have enough power to accommodate high voltage appliances like air conditioner, iron, microwave oven etc. This may overload this device which becomes another cause of the fire or short circuits in the home which can cause deadly harm to the residents. For avoiding such risk, it is essential to read the precautions given in appliances package as well as the wattage and volts. People should plug the power strip in accordance with wattage/amp capacity as per the mentioned guidance.

IV. Exposed Electric Board or Outlets
Unfortunately, in most of the houses, the switchboards are openly located. The exposed boards or electric outlets are problematic, especially in houses where there are children. Electric outlet attracts the young babies and oftentimes, slight negligence of the parents drives the children towards exposed and open electric outlets. This is the story of every house with toddlers and such happening is always hazardous for them. Technology has found the way out to deal with this by inventing protected socket outlets. Using this type of sockets minimize the risk of electrical shock for babies.

V. Mix Use of Power Bars and Extension Cords
The plugging in of multiple devices or misuse of power bars and cords like taking it in hands is a dangerous attempt. The extension is flexible to move, the placing of cord at any improper place as in proximity to liquid, flooring carpet, or any other item which restricts the circulation of heat can be a reason to catch the heat and fire. Other minor breakages in power bars and cord which is not easily visible, allows current to pass through. Eventually, any individual can become a victim of current by touching the device. For precautions, it is necessary to carefully plug in the appliances in relevance to the amp capacity of the power cord, bars, and strips.
VI. Liquid Near Electric Plugs
Electrical appliances placed in the bathing room and kitchens that are near to water is extremely hazardous. Even the switches in washing areas can cause serious damages to the user as well as the particular appliance. Additionally, careless use (using with wet hands) is the cause of frequent electrical shocks and electric sparks.

VII. Limited Heat Circulation
Certain appliances release heat such as the air conditioner, heavy pressing irons, and heater. If there are no proper means of ventilation or the circulation of heat, it can cause combustion which may finally lead to the explosion. Likewise, forgetting to turn off the heater, iron, or other such appliance which emits heat is perilous and way of igniting a fire.

VIII. Improper Use of Appliance
People usually do not take care of the appliances in use which also cause an electrical disturbance. Dish Washer and microwaves usually come in contact with water which may lead to frequent electric shocks. The washing machine and dryer demand proper cleaning, vents of the dryer and a/c needs to clean. The houses with children who play naively with the appliances, for instance, reaching near to hot iron, turning on the switches of standby appliances can create devastating effects.