Electricity in homes is volatile and subject to vulnerability. To deal with any unfortunate circumstances, this platform offers fast and quality service. Yet, the servicer also encourages residents and the public to be cautious of the electrical default in order to counter the sudden electrical emergency. Few of the common cause of electrical emergency is annexed here. This may enable you to become aware of the electrical shortcoming and try to manage it before calling for the service.

  1. Irregular or Partial Power Supply

Irregular power supply means no electric power in few parts of the house. Whereas Power outage or electrical break down happen due to weather condition or trouble from the power station. Power outage severely affects the daily routine of life. Such happening may have different risk capacity according to the problem.

How can deal with it?   At the very initial stage the measure to undertake are:

  • First, unplug all the devices in use and turn off all the switches of the victimized area. After this, turn on the tripped down circuit breaker in the main supplier of electricity to the home.
  • If the problem is not related to tripped down of the circuit, check the availability of electricity in the locality and surrounding home, in order to observe whether there is a power outage in the area or not. In this case call, the electric company supplier of respective are
  • Thirdly, if none of the above-discussed cases happens than call the electrical service provider.
  • Even if the power outage is caused by harsh weather condition and it takes a long time to recover do contact with electric power supplier.
  1. Un-matched Fixture Bulb

If the bulb is of high power (watts) and the fixture capability is less than the bulb requirement, such an unmatched relation is referred to as over-lamping. Over-lamping has a probability of sensitive electrical emergency because bulb emits extreme heat. This intensive heat resulted in electrical shock or melts the socket and wiring of the lamp this often insulates the fire.

  • Precautionary it is necessary to examine the bulb watt according to the fixture capacity.
  • If the melting wire smell is sensed by any one switch off the bulb and even if it is a lamp unplug it from the socket.
  • Power Line

The power line is electrical power supply wiring attached to pols to supply power. These power lines pass over the rooftops of the houses. The sudden miss-happenings are unavoidable, sometimes it may fall at top of the roof.

If, see unusual wiring at the roof try to not to move near to it and call an electrician to remove those fallen lines. But if a person came in contact with fallen power line than use any non-conductor for instance wood to away the wiring.



  1. Power Junctions

Uncovered power junctions are severe to put precious life at risk. The junction box is an area within the boundary where the wires are interconnected. If any of the wire in the box is not properly fixed it can cause a sudden spark and lead to set the fire. Open junction box at public places is highly dangerous and have an extreme risk rate.

  1. Broken Air Conditioner

The increasing heat intensity in the environment due to the global warming effect has made the air conditioner essential necessity of life. Like any electrical appliances, the air conditioner is also subject to electrical default. While frequent use of air conditioner can also serve as the factor of malfunctioning. The following trouble can be caused in air condition:

  • Not providing enough cooling either because of the dirty filter and low refrigerant or any other.
  • AC stop releasing water due to leak inside condenser and if the pipe is wrecked or broken.
  • The compressor of AC making an unpleasant sound.

However, consistent maintenance and service can avoid these problems. But if the problem has already been caused than contacting the electrician to diagnose and repair the trouble before it creates more fuss.

  1. Wire Trip

The overloading of electrical use which may cause heating and contact of defaulted wires which cause hard short, circuit breaker automatically trip, this happens in a normal situation. If the circuit breaker is evaded and functioning is disturbed, making it unable to trip, it is a troublesome matter and can put the house at risk. Receiving any vibrant or humming sound from the electrical supply area it means that the system or wire is about to trip. This problem exposes the house to electrical failure. However, this also means that the fuse plug in the breaker box is loosely or faulty connections. Listening to such sounds, firstly shut off the breaker and immediately call an electrician at first.

  • Old or Faulted Wiring

In homes wirings installed are either old or cheap. Usually, these wirings are of Aluminium instead of copper, which is popularly used in homes since the 1970s because these are less expensive. Aluminum wiring is not troublesome but it can be if the wirings are not properly installed. Some time aluminum breakdown occurs. What happens is that over time such wiring may create aluminium breakdown when it came in contact with copper. This led to the connection to lose and cause setting the fire.

For avoiding such circumstances, it is recommended that if the wirings are old and aluminum breakdown menace is prevailing than check it and replace it if necessary, before any mishap.

  • Few Electric Outlets Causing Overload

In homes, people use power strips or extensions because of the shortage of electrical outlets. They overload these power strips or extensions wire by plugging in multiple devices even the heavy appliances as well at the same time. This can cause:

  • Heating in power strips or extension, and outlets. This can also become the reason to set the fire.
  • This can also damage appliances.
  • The breaker can also trip due to overload

At last but not least it is necessary for all to be very cautious while performing any electrical work or using it. Because mishaps never tell before coming. Electrical accidents caused multiple deaths to occur each year around the world. The given data display number of deaths occurred in Australia between 2000-2011 while performing the different task at a different place. Therefore, it is suggested to contact an electrician if sense any default in the electric system.