Use of electricity has become a commonplace as it serves as the energy that moves our lives. This phrase is so true in its essence that no one can refuse to this fact. Electricity is a source of power which is used in a number of homes for electrical appliances to get light, warmth, cooling, and to make home chores easy and faster. However, the safety from electricity short-circuits is often overlooked which might result in hazardous burn and shock injuries. This might even lead to the death of the electricity user if electricity is not utilised properly. But you can play it safe either around your office or home by simply following below-mentioned safety tips:

Tip 1: Keep a Regular Check on the Electrical Outlets

Almost all homes have wall outlets which serve as a bridge between electricity and home appliances. We are able to glow light bulbs, lamps, watch TV, charge our cell phones using the wall outlets which provides us electricity. At once, we might think such outlets are free from danger and free from any mishap. But it is necessary to strictly observe the safety here as well. Make sure you regularly check all the inserted electrical outlets to assure these are not damaged, cracked, or frayed as loose connections or exposed wires increase the chances of electrical shocks.

Tip 2: Appoint an Experienced Electrician for Repairing

Electrical damages can also be repaired by yourself, but wait! To do so, you should be qualified or have taken an electrician course. If this is not the case, never try to fix electrical devices on your own as this may cause lethal injuries to you. Call an experienced and licensed electrician immediately! As they are the ones who possess sufficient knowledge about electricity laws and has excelled in such tasks. Also, if you once called your electrician and observed the way he has repaired damage, do not copy him. To repair such damages is not worth risk, so it’s better for you to call a professional.

Tip 3: Avoid Touching Electrical Switches through Wet Hands

As we all know, the human body can conduct electricity. It is essential for you to avoid touching any electrical switch with wet hands. This tip is worth-remembering for you because simply your wet fingertips can electrocute you. You might be wondering why is this so? This is because electricity has the ability to pass through water more quickly and our bodies consist of 70% of water. Its severity is even elevated when your whole body is wet. Make sure that your hands are completely dry before touching electrical appliances or you can also use the light switches in your bathroom that have pull cords to keep your contact away from electrical wiring.

Tip 4: Restrict Your Children to Play near Electricity

If you have children in your home, this tip definitely addresses you. Keep a watch on the activities of your children when playing either inside or outside the home. Instruct them not to go nearby electricity switches, transformers or substations. Also, assure that when your children coming wet from outside, they do not touch any electrical device that is connected. This way you can definitely assure the safety of your loved ones from electrical hazards.


Tip 5: Make Sure Your Home has a GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter)

This tip is a sure-fire way to prevent electrical shocks in the home, offices, and other commercial buildings. For this, you simply need to make sure, there is a GFCI in your premises. In the nearby water sources such as bathrooms, laundry places, and kitchens, installing a GFCI is yet another safety measure. So, check your home now, if it is equipped with GFCI that protects you from shocks resulting from tripping of circuits into the water. If you don’t have ones, call an experienced electrician.

Tip 6: Use Stable Lights at Home and Offices

Almost everyone knows that most of the things in both houses and offices today make use of electricity for daily operations. The electricity use is almost unavoidable and therefore, the use of stable lights and electrical switches can be a life-saving tip for the wellbeing of both your loved ones and skilled employees. Make sure that the switches are not broken or loose which may cause fire dangers. To prevent this, you must ensure a professional check for home and office panels on a periodic basis.






Tip 7: Make a Habit to read Warning Signs when using Electrical Equipment

Before using any electrical equipment, make sure that you have thoroughly read out the warning signs. You need to remember this rule to use electricity in the right way. Also, there are certain warning signs which if ever happened, you would require to call a qualified electrician to fix it. Eager to know such signs? These are the sparks, flickering light, buzzing or clicking noise upon flipping the switch, tripping of circuit breakers due to overheating, warm unplugged switch plates, and so on. All of these signs point towards improper or faulty wiring. On an immediate basis, label them as ‘Do not Use’ or ‘Danger’ unless they are replaced or repaired.

Tip 8: Use Appropriate Wattage Bulbs to avoid Electrical Shocks

Always put bulbs in the socket as per their capacity. Make sure you have not inserted light bulbs above their threshold capacity. Also, you need to keep a track of wattage and voltage while replacing light bulbs. This way, you can prevent short circuits in your home. Also, you can find the recommended wattage which is embossed around the bulb sockets to ensure that the right bulb is being inserted. In short, it is more beneficial to use bulbs with less or equal wattage to prevent the overloading on wiring.

Tip 9: Make a Practice to Turn off the Electrical Appliances after Each Use

By simply making a routine practice of turning off the electrical appliances after each use, twofold advantages can be reaped. Not only you can save energy resources, electricity bills, but also prevent electrical accidents. So, every time you head towards your bedroom to rest, make sure all the devices are shut off which are not in use. Also, inculcate your children to make it a habit after playing games of electrical gadgets. You will be amazed to know that there are ‘Vampire Appliances’ which in standby mode might look turned off, but they use energy. Similarly, when going out of the city or even country to spend your vacations, be mindful that your electrical appliances are shut off.

Tip 10: Keep a Check on Expiry of Fire Extinguisher

Electrical shocks are unpredictable and can cause huge damage due to trivial negligence. Therefore, it is very essential that you have a fire extinguisher at home to put out the unwanted fire. It is equally necessary that you keep a check on the expiry date of extinguishers as they lose their effectiveness after a certain period of time. For sure, no one would want such an expired and useless substance to occupy space in their homes and offices in the void.