Everyone wants to purchase the best quality item paying less heed on prices. The fundamental desire at the time of buying durable goods is to purchase a quality item so it can perform well and for long period. However, it is a matter of fact that every electrical appliance requires some attention to increase its working capacity just as the vehicle demands the oil change service. Likewise, to increase the lifespan of electrical appliances, meticulous care is required.

It is noteworthy that the lifecycle of electrical appliance comprises of different duration. The life cycle of item assists to decide whether to keep it or replace it by the new one. For an instance, if a household electrical appliance fails within its expected life cycle, the appropriate solution is to repair it instead of replacing. The average life cycle of the electronic item is from six to ten years but some items last at the minimum stage of 2 to three years. The given chart informs the average life cycle of household appliances.

Electronic Appliances Life Span in Years
Dishwasher 9
Stove 12 to 15
Garbage Disposal 10 to 13
Refrigerator 13 to 19
Water Heater 6 to 25


Two Fundamental Approaches To increase the Lifespan of Electrical Appliances

There are certain approaches and methods which helps in increasing the life expectancy of the product. The first main technique which may affect the durability and functioning efficiency of the appliances is related to taking care of and systematical use of the appliances. While the second is related to the proper supply of electric power according to appliances need and other precautions. This involves some rules that need to be followed:

  • Read the cautions given on the appliance box and use it accordingly
  • Clean the object after use
  • Place the appliances at a suitable place for instance, away from water or heat.
  • Check the electrical system properly; specifically, its average voltage consumption to avoid the threat of short circuits.

Few other tips are outlined to extend the life span of electrical home appliances.

  1. Dish Washer

The dishwasher performance can be increased by cleansing a gasket attached on its door just like refrigerators. Additionally, the location of the dishwasher should be on ground level and installed it proper to avoid any disruption and vibration which can possibly upset the performance of the machine. It is to be noted that the movable filter of dishwasher provides a facility to clean it by erasing leftover food stain and material, protecting to clog the filter.



  1. Cloth Dryer

Overloading of any device can harm its average life expectancy. Similarly, the overloading of the dryer can stress its operational parts which may hamper it’s functioning. Remove the unwanted and unnecessary piece of clothes or threads from the dryer after use. External vent cap in the dryer helps to maintain the regular and smooth flow of air which also protect any mutilation in the motors and thermostats of the dryer.






  • Washing Machine

Just like dryer the washing machine demand proper care. Washing machine must not be overload to avoid getting jammed. The overload also put stress on the motor of the machine and consume more electricity. After use wastewater, clean it and dry it to vanish the moisture and unpleasant smell.


  1. Gasket of Refrigerator

The refrigerator’s gaskets are the plastic strip on the border of the fridge doors. This protects the cool air to come out and keeps the refrigerator cool. For increasing the performance, keep it elastic to seal the fridge door completely which requires regular cleaning of the rubber or the gasket. After cleaning it, any jell can also be applied to it for preventing the dust to move in.

In refrigerators, the condenser coil is fixed at foot side on back. It helps to keep the fridge cool and condense while releasing the heat. Dusty or dirty coil trouble in the release of heat because of this the compressor of the fridge is more pressurized to perform hard. Compressor keeps running for long consuming more power which ultimately reduces the average life expectancy. Cleaning the coil on weekly or monthly bases can help the refrigerator to perform efficiently for a longer period.


  1. Cooker

Cookers can be of gas and electricity. For improving the working capacity of the cooker, some effective measures are needed to be undertaken. Primarily, one should clean the grease and dirt from the coils and cables of a cooker. Replace charcoal filter if possible and required otherwise at least clan it. Avoid the knobs of cooker to come in contact with water, because the electrical controls from which knob is connected can spark current.


  1. Garbage Disposal

In order to extend the life expectancy of the garbage disposal, buy a degreaser and cleanser. Proper use and cleaning help to sustain your disposal’s average limit.



  • Vacuum

Vacuum life expectancy is about eight years. However, proper and careful use can extend the average margin of life span. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove the stuck dust and dirt particles from parts of the vacuum.


    VIII.            Toaster Oven

The average life span of a toaster one to three years. There are some machines which are designed to use regularly. In order to increase the life expectancy of such appliances, regular cleaning after using it and removing any stain and water exposure would be helpful. If the system is not working properly, it should be unplugged to avoid worsening of the issues.

  1. Electrical safety

In order to avoid any potential damage to electrical appliances, a significant point needs to be considered by the users is electrical safety. The electrical circuit at homes has a variant capacity to supply power in all sockets available. Before buying any electrical appliances, it is necessary to consider the volts requirement of the particular item. If there are any appliances which require more power than the power supply capacity of the outlet, use it at a time when other electrical appliances are not in use in order to avoid the circuit power trip or any electrical shock due to overload.

Above mentioned measure and advice can help to increase the life-expectancy and working efficiency of appliances.